Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Skillet and Bacon Experimentation

I stumbled across Skillet whilst perusing PSFK... looks like a great concept that would work brilliantly in the UK.

"Based in Seattle, Washington, they forgo paying rent on some fancy space, and instead serve delicious gourmet food out of an old Airstream trailer.

Skillet can be found at various locations around Seattle, cooking up mouth-watering breakfast and lunch fare such as Kobe beef burgers topped with cambazola cheese and bacon jam, poutine with gravy white cheddar and herbs - and for breakfast: Waffles with maple braised pork belly and two fried eggs."

BACON JAM!!! My two favourite things combined!

Although Bacon-naise isn't far off either!

If the Bacon-naise story interests you click here to find out more about Jason and Dave's story. It's pretty whacky. They are on a mission to make everything taste of bacon! Good luck to them.


Shuna Fish said...

I can't thank you enough for this.

P.S. Where does the bacon jam come from?

Browners said...

It's one of the specialities from Skillet - they've got an ordering page here


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