Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Rhone Twitter Taste Live at The Landsdowne

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Given my fascination with twitter and social media's ability to engage an audience outside of the room where the main tasting happening, I was delighted that Robert McIntosh invited me to join in the Rhone Twitter Taste Live event at The Landsdowne Pub in Primrose Hill.

I am very much an amateur when it comes to wine. My grapplings with aromas, finishes, textures and mouth feel is like watching a foal trying to stand up on a sheet of ice set at a 45 degree angle. Given this, and the fact that I probably wasn't terribly sober when I was writing my wine tweets, here are my twitter notes for everyone's amusement:

Wine 1. Alain Jaume: I'd happily drink this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. White fruit with a touch of chalk. #ttl

Alain Jaume cotes du Rhone

Wine number 2 for #ttl Louis Bernard 2007. Balanced. Sure footed. Like a fruity goat. Dry finish like Jimmy Carr.

Cotes du Rhone Louis Bernard

Wine 3: Les sablons grenache syrah. Goes well with mega garlicky snails. Rich texture. Am I getting blackberries? #ttl

Les Sablons

Wine 4. Gigondas. Wine number 4. Pepper. Tanin. Is that like sun in? But for skin? Slight painty whiff. But that's just me.

Fontsane gigondas

Wine number 5. #ttl. Chateau neuf du pape. I'm a massive fan of this. Ending on a high. Like Amy winehouse probably will.

Chateauneuf du pape Paul Autard

The wine tasting was fascinating and has opened my mind to the variety of wines available from the Rhone. I feel very under-qualified to talk a lot about wine, so here's a quick summary of the excellent food we were treated to whilst indulging in our vinuous tweeting!

Roasted chicory with cured ham and thyme was a master dish that was as full of bitterness as it was sweet with ham. It stood up to the robust red wines with aplomb. Arguably it won.


Buttery asparagus with morels on crostini was one of those dishes that I wanted to last forever. Sadly it didn't and it nearly caused a fight as we squabbled over the last morsel.

Apragus and morels

The onion tart was, after 4 glasses of red wine, much needed. Luckily it was not only adept at adding ballast, but it was also one of the best tarts I have had in a long time.

Onion tart

Snail puffs were sensationally naughty. Oozing butter and garlic in equal measure, they are probably one of the more illicit things I've put in my mouth for a few months. They were just the ticket to make me feel uber French.

Snail puffs

The baked eggs in a red wine sauce were magnificently cooked. The yolks ran and the white was firm.

Eggs baked in red wine

The food was a perfect foil for the wine. There's nothing like good wine and food to bring people together and spark stories. It was a shining example of how to host a gastronomic blogging event. Next time I'm in need of a feed in Primrose Hill I'll be heading to The Landsdowne for starter and The Engineer for main course.

The evening was a huge success. Thank you Robert for being such a generous host and to both TTL and The Landsdowne for making it all possible. Just look at the trouble you caused...

Food Stories and Hollowlegs


Helen said...

oh dear oh dear oh dear.....just LOOK at the trouble you caused!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! The wine sounds good, although like you, I'm no expert. Those snail puffs though, incredible!

Robert McIntosh said...

great write-up - I love reading these reviews as I'm usually so wrapped up in organising and running the event that I don't get to enjoy it, so I'm glad to hear what everyone else's experience was.

I think your wine reviews are excellent and so refreshing. I expect to see them on wine lists up and down the country as of tomorrow


Lizzie said...

You can't take us anywhere...

Excellent review. I too learnt a lot about Rhones, and it was a great venue.

Browners said...

@Helen - Massive trouble. I doubt you'll ever be allowed back.

@Ginger - Wine was great. I am enjoying learning more from people who know a lot more than me. Snail puffs were pretty porno.

@Robert - It was a great experience, in spite of the wifi issue. You did a great job. You are very kind with your wine praise... but it is completely undeserved. Although, if Sainsbury want my tasting notes, they can have them.

@Lizzie - Like Helen, I suspect you are now banned as well! Great fun.


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