Wednesday 27 February 2008

Chocolate Pencils

Amazing choclate pencils from Off the Meat Hook:

"I've been drooling over this photo of chocolate pencils from Le Chocolat de H, an arty, high-concept, high-end chocolatier in Tokyo.

They wanted to emphasize the shavings- which in a pencil constitute waste- as a positive product instead of a waste product, so they've included a handy dandy sharpener so you can shave your pencils on top of a dessert. Brilliant and interactive!

They don't appear to be for sale online yet, so unless you are reading this post from Roppongi you may have a hard time getting your hands on a set."


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Too cool for school! That does it - I'm off to Roppongi...

Browners said...

Isn't this just pure genius. Imagine pulling this out of the bag on masterchef!!!


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