Friday 14 March 2008

Coffee at Glow, Clapham South

In need of a coffee and a chance to get out of the wind we nipped into Glow near Clapham South station. On a Sunday morning it was buzzing with 20 somethings catching up with their social lives - Macbooks out, Newspapers spread, gossip even more so.

Whilst Cowie was chatting on the phone I decided to nip inside and take a seat at their bar. Whilst enjoying a very robust coffee I was impressed by the quality of their backbar and the amount of Courvoisier they sell. The Australian girl behind the bar was good fun. Constantly making smoothies from sachets of frozen fruit she kept on giving me little samples! They were so busy she had to multi task by managing the bar, taking orders, blending smoothies, entertaining me and phone up all her contacts to see if they would be willing to come in immediately to help out with the Sunday rush.

I absorbed the Observer supplements, another coffee and some sample smoothies and left thinking that Glow is awesome. The breakfasts and brunches look brilliant, the staff are really friendly and efficient. They've got wifi and the right newspaper. The perfect place on a Sunday? Or any day of the week perhaps.


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Sounds good - I think I'd better go and check it out myself!

Browners said...

It's a very cool place. Delighted to have found it.

Browners said...

We went to Glow on Sunday and I had some very disappointing mexican scrambled eggs that were dry and kept falling off my fork - which is one of my biggest pet hates...

It put me in quite a bad mood for a few hours!

Eggs benedict and muesli were great on the other hand.

Cowie said...

Note to all... Do NOT go for the spicy scrambled eggs. Very over done, kept falling off the fork... very disappointing indeed.

Everything else was great though!


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