Sunday 28 September 2008

Holy Cow - best Indian take away ever!

Balham just keeps getting better! I had assumed I had already written about how awesome the Holy Cow is on the road from Clapham South to Balham. But I hadn't.

It's our regular haunt. Our rock to lean on in hard times. Their curries are fantastic. Made with actual meat. Shock horror. And with real spices. And by proper people.

Rather than wait for the deliveryman... I normally walk over a few minutes before my curry is ready so I can watch the kitchen at work. It's a very satisfying sight. Full of burly men from India and Pakistan adding ladlefulls of spices to frying pans of simmering chicken, lamb or fish. Everything is cooked to order by a small battalion of expert chefs. What's more Mr Achariat (not quite right) who appears as a line drawing in the menu can be seen bossing his kitchen... shouting at his comrades and expertly cooking my Lamb Achari in record time.

My regular choice is their spiciest lamb option - number 31 if I remember rightly. It falls apart with the touch of a fork like a good lamb shank should. This is by far the best take away curry business I have ever come across.


Rana said...

I don't know you, but have probably seen you at a few restaurants around Balham ;)

One aside, sorry for the link but it's a serious foodie question to you, do you know of a decent restaurant (not a cheap buffet) that offers a fixed price tapas-style menu?

Mallika said...

Hmmm, I'd dead against Indian takeaways but yours sounds intriguing and I'm only just down the road.

Browners said...

I can't recommend it enough. The Balham one is best.. but they also have branches in Battersea and Kilburn.

Great place. Give it a go. In fact I think I might give them a call right now.

Emma said...

Millennium Tandoori was recently crowned as Britain's best takeaway: You could give that a shot? Not tired it myself even though I live nearby, oops!


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