Saturday 16 May 2009

Eating Eurovision

Andrew Webb, AKA @Foodjournalist, is the brains and more importantly, energy behind a brilliant project, the Paunch is delighted to part of, called Eating Eurovision. Here's the idea:

25 food bloggers turn up to BBC Television Centre to watch the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Each blogger then draws a country from the hat and then has 24 hours to get under their adopted country's foodie skin in London and report back. Simple hey? Here's what happened...

BBC Television Centre

I was told off immediately by the BBC security guard for taking photographs which was nice.

BBC  visitor pass


We gorged on crap from Sainsbury's whilst crammed into a small office watching what would otherwise have been my idea of living hell.


The coverage on BBC3 was astonishing with some entries resembling soft porn more than musical performances.

Picka  ball any ball

We then all took our turns to dip into Andrew's lucky sack and we picked...

Turkey and France

Turkey and France which was brilliant, if a little bit on the demanding side...

Lizzie disappointed

But Lizzie seemed a bit disappointed by her choice of Lithuania! I can't think why!

We were in a bit of a spin about what to do but it all worked out in the end. Read our posts on Turkey and France and make sure you have a good look at what everyone else has written over on Eating Eurovision. Now it's time to sit down and watch the Eurovision Song Contest.


A Girl Has to Eat said...

I am sorry I missed this event. It sounds great!

Su-Lin said...

:D That's a fab pic of poor Lizzie! Ah, Lithuania wasn't such a hot one it turns out...

Browners said...

@A Girl Has to Eat - it was a great event. I guess it shows how great the London Food Bloggers Ning site can be.

@Su-Lin - Poor old Lizzie. But it does capture the moment!


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