Thursday 4 June 2009

Spooning with Rosie - Book Launch

Brixton was at its best on Saturday. Buzzing with energy. Warm. Optimistic. And full of cheer. The market was bustling and Franco Manca had a queue the length of a how long I imagine a piece of string is. Wild Caper was overflowing with people and the sound track to Pretty Woman was blaring out of the hair dresser opposite the butcher on Electric Lane.

We pottered into Rosie's not knowing quite what to expect from the launch of Spooning with Rosie and settled down outside with a cup of tea and an espresso and realised that the world is a pretty cool place. We'd arrived just as Rosie, her Mum and the rest of her team were busy getting everything ready. So we landed up helping out by moving a few tables and chairs which just added to the charm.

Rosie's sign

Just as I was draining my coffee a cool looking woman with short dark hair wheeled along what looked like an old granny trolley and proceeded to set up a one man DJ stand playing the perfect Brixton book launch soundtrack.

DJ at Rosie's book launch

We bought a book from Rosie's Mum and were delighted that Rosie signed it.

Spooning with Rosie

Rosie book signing

Apart from the fact that it's got one of the best titles ever to adorn a book, it's full of brilliant recipes that are loved by the locals who adore Rosie's Delic Cafe. What I love about it is the fact that it is clearly such a labour of love. It completely reflects Rosie's personality and is a joy to read. I've also falled head over heals for the illustraions and love the fact that it is based in Brixton. Favourite recipes include scrambled eggs with chilli sauce and all sorts of delicious risottos, pies and sandwiches. I've got my eye on quite a few recipes to try out. It's also inspired me to want to write a book.

We spent ages chatting, nibbling on incredible sandwiches made with ciabatta baked in Franco Manca's ovens and gorging ourseves on cupcakes. It's a brilliant place that is full of warmth and creativity. If you can show me a cafe that's better, I'd love to see it.

Goat's cheese and onion marmalade

Beef and gherkin ciabatta


Rosie's website
Rosie's blog
Rosie on Twitter
Spooing with Rosie on Amazon


A Girl Has to Eat said...

It's a beautiful book cover.

Le laquet said...

Nice pic on the front and I love the tagline!

Manggy said...

Ooh, while I was indexing new book arrivals, I came across this and I'm pretty excited. I think someone said "Move over Jamie Oliver" which I think is kind of not in the same playing field :/
I visited her cafe's website-- I think you could contribute your own photographs to improve theirs, though :) I love your shots!

Helen said...

I must get myself down there - tis but a short hop on the 37!

Unknown said...

I am getting a copy of this book so keen to try it out!

FatBanker said...

I really like this post. It reminded me of why London can feel so good when's the sun's on your back and people are smiling - nice shots too!

Browners said...

@A Girl Has to Eat - the whole design of the book is stunning. Very talented indeed.

@Le laquet - looks just like Rosie

@Manggy - Glad you like my shots. Rosie's is such a cool place. I'm really hoping her book does well. It deserves to.

@Helen - come on down. Ideal for a gentle Saturday morning before popping into Franco Manca and Wild Caper. We bought some great squid and sardines from the fishmonger as well which were delicious. All in all... I love Brixton when it's like this.

@Gourmet Chick - Hope you like the book. But make sure you pay a visit to the cafe as well if you can.

@Fat Banker - thanks for the comment - it has meant I have just discovered your blog which is great. Glad I've captured that happy feeling we all get on sunny days in London.

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

I love that there's so much going on foodie-wise in Brixton right now, and it's all so cool. Great for foodies, great for the area.

Oh, and great review, Browners! ;-)

Browners said...

@aforkfulofspaghetti - Brixton is full of foodie fun. Appartently there are 2 secret supper clubs as well.

kang said...

Wow the ciabatta looks so yummy :)

Browners said...

@Kang - it is the best ciabatta I've had in an age. Freshly made by Franco Manca.


cheers browners! couldn't ask for more praise than that really. see you soon! (hope US fun too) xxx

Browners said...

@Rosie - now worries. We really enjoyed it.

The Happiness Project London said...

As a fellow Brixtonite, thought you might be interested in a wee post I did on Brixton - exciting times especially for foodies:

Loved your post on Saltoun too - awesome photos.

Sasha @ The Happiness Project London

Paunchos said...

@Sarah - Glad you liked the Saltoun post. I'm a massive fan of Brixton and am very sorry to have just moved out. But I will always have a soft spot for the place.


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