Monday 13 July 2009

Balham - Comings and Goings

New restaurants and foodie ventures are popping up around Balham like zits after a bath in engine oil. It's only adding to the much derided claims that Balham is becoming the new Notting Hill. What more would you expect from an area that is the birthplace of Ainsley Harriot.

Following the recent opening of Light of Gurkha, Balham has now been blessed with a new Italian restaurant called Locale which "offers comfortable dining in an intimate atmosphere with a warm feel." It looks pretty decent and can be found a short walk to the south of Balham station.


Nearby, the Blue Pumpkin has closed. Boo.

Blue Pumpkin

But, wipe away that tear, because "The French Cafe" is taking its place...

French Cafe

Almost without us realising it, Meze has appeared opposite Paddyfield with initial reports suggesting it's "pretty good".

Meze Kitchen

But most excitingly, Chadwick's has moved locations so that it can be closer to Cowie's house. We've become big fans of their meat, in particular their lamb and chicken. Their new site, opposite Waitrose, is far more spacious allowing them to exhibit their amazing carcasses in a special cabinet at the back which I had to be forcibly dragged away from!


Well done Balham. We're looking forward to seeing what happens next. In an ideal world an awesome coffee shop/bakers/deli would open next to Holy Cow... fingers crossed. Just so long as it's not an Ainsley Harriot noodle bar.


Douglas Blyde said...

Firstly, what a beautiful turbot. Secondly, an interesting update. Locale emerges from the chain that used to be owned by 'celebrity' chef Tony Allan ('Fish!'). He infamously accused Marco Pierre White (then at 'Harvey’s') of using pen ink to dye his squid risotto...

Browners said...

Thanks for taking away this post's comment virginity. Very interesting to hear about Tony Allan's background. I wonder if Mr. White took the statement well?


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