Sunday 16 May 2010

Cassius RIP

We come here not to bury Cassius, but to praise him.

Cassius is dead

Tragedy has struck. And Cassius is no more. The bitterly cold winter and blanket of snow sapped away his strength and left him in pieces. But rather than be sad and mourn his departure, let’s instead celebrate his incredible life and feast on pictures of the sensational pizzas he blessed with his scorching heat.

Olive and procuito pizza

Cooking pizza

Spade work

Pizza done

Glowing pizza

Tomato and mozzerella

mushroom and parma ham

Fully loaded pizza being cut

Eggy pizza

Cassius. You were amazing. You set the Summer of 2009 on fire. And we're going to miss you. So much.

Maybe Phoenix might rise from the ashes of his demise?

For further posts about Cassius click here.


Graphic Foodie said...

Oh no Cassius!!!! This makes me think twice about the pizza oven I'm going to built this year. What if I wake up one day and see it has suffered a fate like Cassius? Unbearable!

Gareth said...

That is really sad! I loved the Cassius posts and was always insanely jealous of the food it produced. Hope Cassius Mark II appears soon. And one day, I WILL build my own.

Hollow Legs said...

NOOOOOOOOO! Poor Cassius. (I now have a 10am pizza craving)

Kerri said...

A sad, sad day :( RIP Cassius.

Jules said...

RIP Cassius. I look forward to it rising from the flames.

Manggy said...

Oh no. :( He was so beautiful. And all that hard work!

Helen said...

Oh Cassius! May he rest in peace. What an outstanding service though. I think some sort of medal is in order, or perhaps you could put up a little plaque on the site, to remember him by. Will there be Cassius mark II? Or is it too early to be thinking about that so soon after this sad passing...

theundergroundrestaurant said...

Aw....lovely pix though.

Paunchos said...

@Graphic Foodie - Just build a little roof over him. Or cover him in a tarp over winter.

@Gareth - Mark II will come along at some point. And it will be awesome. I'm going to do some serious research first. And looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.

@Lizzie - Poor Cassius indeed. Gutted. You may have seen the obituary in the Times.

@Kerri - Sad. But let's celebrate his triumphs.

@Jules - Looking forward to the next chapter as well.

@Manggy - He was a beauty. But I am sure there will be a second edition.

@Helen - The wounds are still raw. But I'm sure he'll be back. He's always had a touch of the Arnie about him.

@Underground Restaurant - He had a good life. And will forever be immortalised in these photos.


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