Saturday 14 July 2007

Black and Decker Power Tools for Real Men in the Kitchen

Wouldn't it be great if Black and Decker brought out a range of kitchen kit for men.

It would all be heavy duty, slightly rubberised, strudy looking stuff that would catch the eye and show everyone around you that you're serious about cooking. I've had too many appliances that break through fairly agressive use. Black and Decker kit would soak up the pain and just keep going.

You could draw inspiration from the way that Caterpillar moved from their digger base to selling clothing. In terms of build quality and masculinity brand like Hummer, Jeep, Land Rover and other rugged brands spring to mind.

They already have a range of fairly basic kitchen kit such as microwaves and coffee makers but it would be much more fun to rev things up into more heavy duty kit targetted at men.

Any feedback and ideas would be great! Let's see if we can get someone from Black and Decker interested!

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