Sunday, 1 July 2007

Thorners Pigeon with a Soy and Honey Glaze

Cowie brought some delicious pigeon breasts back from Somerset this weekend from Thorners, her fantastic local farm shop near Bruton. Coloured like blackberries and soft like butter we marinaded them simply in soy, honey, chili and garlic and then blitzed them quickly in the griddle pan and mounted them simply on a bed of spinach.

The marinade was composed of a good glug of dark soy, 2 squirts of honey, a squeeze of lemon to add some acidity, a clove of garlic and a hint of chili. About 30 minutes in the tar like mixture was plenty. It gave the delicate breasts a lovely edgy glaze that complemented their gamey flavour.

And here's the result.

If anyone's got any more recipes for pigeon we'd love to know.


SteamyKitchen said...

I can't remember the last time I had pigeon....maybe 10 years ago in Hong Kong?

Browners said...

When you had it in Hong Kong how was it cooked...

I heard that there is a really good place for pigeon on Llama island...

Ken said...

I had pigeon with rosemary cooked in a salt pastry crust. It was in a best western hotel in Rocamadour, France. The Pastry case was a mini sarcophagous for the pigeon. The waiter sliced off the lid of the case and deboned the pigeon at the table. It was delicious.


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