Wednesday 7 November 2007

A Fantasitc Wholesome Breakie at Leon

I am the first to admit I am abit of nerd when it comes to all things healthy.. especially for breakfast. If you also crave the likes of organic this and that, then Leon is the place for you.

I was thrilled when my 9am meeting this morning drew to a close early and I had over an hour to burn before my next one, with not enough time to scrabble back to the office. So I decided to treat myself.

I spotted Leon in the distance opposite Harrods.. I was staving and dying for a cuppa. I settled in with the paper and awaited for my breakie to arrive. I was delighted with my choice... An enormous bowl of steaming tea and some yummy hot,creamy, thick and gooey organic porridge with homemade blackberry compote. Now I know its sounds ridiculous to get so excited about something as basic as a bowl of oats, but this was the best I have ever eaten! I can assure you the menu does offer many more exciting goodies... but this one was for me!

I have been Leon on other occasions for a light lunch. The fodder is always wholesome, tasty, healthy and delicious. The brand and restaurants are very funky and only add to its appeal.

In short.. Leon Rocks. Go there.. and don't forget the porridge!

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