Sunday 25 November 2007

Whitstable Scallops

Before heading back to London from Whitstable we picked up a dozen scallops from the fishmonger and lovingly transported them home wrapped up in plenty of ice.

After a pretty heavy weekend of eating we were keen to avoid over carbing ourselves so tried Mum's little trick of blitzing cauliflower to make a puree... apparently it's what all the almost cool chefs are doing these days!

We used Gordon Ramsay's tip of placing the scallops in a clock formation so we knew how long we had cooked them all for. It worked brilliantly. Each scallop received a quick blast of searing heat, a spot of seasoning and a little drizzle of butter before being placed on their smart little pedestals of cauliflower and bacon.

They were super fresh. Ultra tasty. And mega satisfying!

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