Wednesday 11 June 2008

Mr Scruff Tea

I am a huge Mr Scruff fan having fallen head over heals for his cartoons and quirky breaks whilst at uni in Nottingham. I remember a night at the Bomb vividly where he had choreographed his cartoons to his eclectic mixing. It was awesome.

A few years ago I bought myself a matching Mr Scruff teapot and mug as a self congratulatory Christmas present. I had sent out hints and links to websites but no-one had cottoned on. It was all very dirty and underground buying things from his bizarre website and not really knowing whether it was all a joke.

Well you can imagine my shock last week when I found a selection of beautifully boxed Mr Scruff teas in Selfridges! There they were minding their own crazy business on the shelf next door to up market teas from Tea Palace, Twinings and a variety of up their own arse single estate chaps (which I am sure are lovely!).

I snapped one up and lovingly brought it back to the office to wheel out on special occassions. Oli has become quite attached to them and has insisted that I mention their new name: "scruff bags". Oli, you should really work in advertising... so creative!

As with all of Mr Scruff's kit, his cartoons are all over the box. And I love them. There is something so quirky and English about the whole thing. I can see him DJing whilst having a nice cup of tea to take the edge off!

Here are the photos of the box:

Makes us a brew lid

Quest for Perfect Brew

Directions for Tea Making

Beverage Alert

So cute.

In terms of quality of tea, it's probably best to take a look at a proper tea review.

Here's some highlights from Nice Cup of Tea:

"Although not one of the highest scoring teas we have tested I think its qualities are far more personal than our test provides, the new method of production works very well with this tea. We tried the new method with TeaDirect teabags and it didn't come out right at all. To balance that we tried Grandad's Choice bags in a teapot and that came out to gritty. The method compliments the tea and for what it lacks in strength it makes up for in its unique taste and aroma."

My tasting notes would be. Great box. Strong taste. Incredible cartoons. Great conversation starter. Can't wait for the next blend. He should create some music designed specifically for drinking tea to!

Get your Mr Scruff kit here.

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Anonymous said...

I will try and get some,[I live in the South!] thanks for the info


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