Sunday 17 August 2008

Man Eating Plant

Otherwise known as a "Sundew Plant" - which loves nothing better than a nice plate of aphids for lunch. And guess what... our chili plants are covered in green fly. So we've managed to set up an organic, biodynamic, symbitotic eco system on the east facing fourth floor of an advertising agency in the middle of London!

Our plant is very particular - its water (which it drinks like a fish) must be distilled, and preferably acidulated with lemon juice. Tap water would kill it. So I have bought it some beautfiully clean Tesco's mineral water which it is loving so much that it has broken into flower.

We feed it around 6 aphids a day, which we think might well be too much. We're worried it might just exploded like Mr Creosote! On one ocassion it caught hold of a centipede, curled up and digested it over night. I'm a bit concerned that it could be a man eater, like the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes...

Here it is in full glory...

Sundew plant flower buds

Sundew plant arms

We've just planted a herb pot with seeds and have harvested our third crop of chilies.

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