Sunday 17 August 2008

Office Picnic

Inspired by our sushi party Ed whipped up a sushi fest for his girlfriend Erin who likes nothing better than raw fish. Quite brilliantly he arrived at work with a collection of tasty leftovers - delicious crayfish tails and white flecks of crab.

I read the other day that the average amount of time taken for lunch is around 16 minutes in the UK which is horrific. It means we all eat sandwiches, get fat and land up broke! Much better to bring in leftovers, or better still prepare food at home that is perfect for work.

We decided to use Ed's goodies as the basis of a mini picnic. All we needed was a couple of baguettes, some pate, salad and some salami. We toasted the bread and adorned the crsipy little roundels with an array of toppings before closing the door to our office and listening to Test Match Special.

Crayfish tails with chilli

Crab on toast

Ardennes pate

Desk picnic spread


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