Thursday 10 December 2009

WANTED: Washing Machine for Lateral Cooking Experiments

Normal cooking is boring. Hobs. Yawn. Ovens. Zzzzzzz. Microwaves. Grrrr. It’s much more fun using other bits of kit to cook with such as baths, irons, dishwashers and car engines.

We’ve had a lot of fun recently cooking in bizarre ways. Our experiments with cooking salmon in the bath tub and in the dishwasher have been roaring success. We now want to push the boundaries and try something that hasn’t been done before.

We want to cook pork belly in a washing machine. The flavourings and method are still in development. As it stands the pork itself will be surrounded by star anise, ginger, chilli, soy sauce and spring onion and then encased either in a cooking bag or a pillowcase like you would do with trainers.

We’ll then select a long hot washing cycle on a gentle spin and watch our pork go round and round in the drum of the machine, slowly becoming tenderised as it crashes around. Our hope is that it emerges as beautifully soft, deeply flavoured meat resembling pulled pork.

So if you work for Curry's, Miele, Bosch, Zanussi or any other white goods company please can you send me a washing machine so I can cook some amazing pork!

And if you don't then please help to spread the word to people who do. And if you've got any feedback on the cooking method, or any further ideas, please let me know. It's got the potential to be a really fun project and I need your help.

(Image is from Flickr Creative Commons from G & A Sattler)


Hollow Legs said...

A noble cause. wash trainers? Mine get worn until they're so filthy you can barely tell what colour they used to be.

Browners said...

@Lizzie - A very noble cause indeed. One of the most worthy you can imagine. In terms of trainer washing, I give them a quick wash every now and again. But like you my trainers get killed.

Melanie said...

It reminds me of when, in Mr. Mom, Michael Keaton's youngest son complains his grilled cheese was too cold. Naturally, it was heated up with the iron Keaton was using to press shirts.

Browners said...

@Melanie - Brilliant. I'll seek out that clip. Sounds like it's just the thing I need.

Emma said...

Sounds like an amazing idea - can't wait to see the results! You might like to try your local Freecycle group to get a washing machine!


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