Sunday 6 January 2008

Cooking on a Car Engine

One of my big aims for 2008 is to master the essential masculine art of cooking on a car engine. I first encountered car engine cooking about 10 years ago when the coolest delivery man ever arrived with a delivery of books for Mum.

It was 10 in the evening so we offered him a drink and some food. He said yes to the drink and popped his bonnet open revealing a carefully wrapped tin foil package containing a lovingly made fish stew. It was his way of getting through the monotomy of driving for 11 hours a day. We were gobsmacked. And even more so when he then pulled a petrol powered skate board out of the back of his truck and went for a ride around our driveway. Surreal.

I recently rediscovered the art of car engeine cooking through Bob Bulmer's book the Surreal Gourmet.

He suggested the best thing to do was to get hold of a copy of Manifold Destiny; the bible of car engine cooking. I got it for a dolar on Amaazon although the shipping cost me a fair bit more!

It's a vintage book. Full of endless detail about which 1970's Mustang will cook baked potatoes quicker. The warnings are probably the most important bit. Don't block any air intakes. Don't imterfere with any of the car's mechanics. And don't cook anything too liquid. All pretty straightforward. It harked from a time when you opened up the bonnet and saw metal rather than plastic. I opened up the bonnet to my Polo and was confronted with a hermetically sealed engine tucked up inside a plastic straight jacket. Upon further inspection it emerged that there are several hot crannies where tasty food parcels can be nestled.

My curiosity earlier led me to a fantastic little website on the Instuctables portal . It seems everything I need to know is on here. So I'll take it all in and and get ready to cook on Cowie's Peugeot 206 engine. I'll try to theme the meal around our destination.

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Thistlemoon said...

That is way too cool! I have always heard of Car Engine Cuisine but never knew anyone who did it. But it sounds like great fun! Kudos to you for giving it a whirl!
Great story about the traveling salesman too!

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