Saturday 28 April 2007

Glorious Saturday Steak

Woke up very late on Saturday morning, exhausted after yet another arduous week. Getting home on a Friday night at 10.30 is never fun and seems to happen too often these days. My stomach felt a bit dicey after my second lamb shish in two days! By 12 it was time to face the day. Super 14 rugby and some left over chips from last night kept me company on the sofa.

I made my way to the fridge in the vauge hope of finding something edible for breakfast. 2 sticky, over defrosted pheasants dominated in terms of space and smell! Bin for them. It makes me really cross to defrost food in advance and then have to throw it away because I haven't been at home to eat it! Such is life when you're starting out in a career I guess. 2 dubious eggs, half a dozen continental sausages, some onions and cheese leant themselves to whipping up a tremendous rendition of mexican scrambled eggs. A touch of smoked paprika and some chilli cut through my morning sloth! What they wanted for in terms of appearance they more than made up for with their flavour and spicy impact!

Simon and Andrew found me in my pants and tshirt dawdling on the couch when the came back from some early morning common action. On such an immense day of sport we decided to visit the Northcotte Road for some lunch. We went down the road for a sandwich and came back with a huge hunk of rump steak from Hennessy's, a poppy seed loaf from the Lighthouse and 3 enormous brownies and some shallots from the market!

I super heated the griddle pan, salted and oiled the steaks and trimmed the fat off. I added some extra salt to the fat, put a few sharp grooves in at and threw it in the pan to crisp up. As the fat started to sizzle we lobbed the shallots and mushrooms in the other pan and let them cook down to a sweet brown mush. In went the steaks for about 5 minutes on each side until the outsides were griddled with regular brown stripes and the centres were warm but pink. I added some balsamic to the onions and sliced the steak on an angle and loaded the heaving hunks of black and blue meat onto the buttered poppy seed break and spooned on the onions and mushrooms. And o my god it was amazing. Juicy. Salty. Sweet. And utterly delicious. Well done Hennessy's.

Next up is a BBQ at Rad's tonight.

Photos from Google and Flickr.

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