Saturday 28 April 2007

Toaster Needed Desperately

I came home from work after going on a monster lash up for Cordelia's leaving drinks. Hideously drunk I decided to make toast in order to soak up some of the booze swimming around my system! This would have been fine if like any normal house, we had a toaster. Unfortunately our toaster broke many months ago, and being a house full of busy boys we've never sorted it out.

So on went the griddle pan at maximum heat and in went 2 slices of bread. I sloped off to the sitting room to watch a bit of sky sports news whilst the bread transformed into wonderful steaming toast. 5 hours later as Henry slammed the front door shut at 8.30am I woke up with a blistering head ache and a twitchy nose. Smoke lingered in the kitchen. Confusion swamped me until I realised that I had almost caused one of the biggest fires ever to hit SW11! Gilly's girlfriend, Polly, had woken up at about 5am and told Gilly that there was a fire. Whereupon Gilly saved the day by putting out a small fire in the kitchen. Thank God I am here to type this out as a vaguely amusing anecdote and the Towers is still standing!

So... we need a toaster. I'm keen for something a bit funky like some of the designs below from NotCot and This Next.

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