Sunday 5 August 2007

Bob Blumer the Surreal Gourmet

I've just stumbled across Bob Blumer on Treehugger whilst researching how to cook salmon in the dishwasher and have been bowled over by his site and innovative ideas.

I've read about Beer Can chicken before which is cool...

But I absolutely loved his take on "Bed of Polenta"... inspired.

Here is a fragment from an interview with Bob from Gremolata

"Bob Blumer published The Surreal Gourmet: Real Food for Pretend Chefs in 1992 and hasn't looked back since. Formerly Jane Siberry's manager, Blumer combined his skills for living well with little money , his artistic talent and his playful interest in surrealism to produce one of the most influential cookbooks of the 90s. The book was a hit and he has been inspiring cooks since with three more volumes. Ever looking for interesting ways to present food, earlier this year, Blumer brought his unique outlook to Paris, where he opened a "temporary restaurant" for a week."

I'm going to have to get myself a few of his books and try his ideas out.

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