Thursday 16 August 2007

Enak Enak Oriental Restaurant , Lavander Hill

Welcome to Mama Nancy's Enak Enak.....
This was a spontaneous choice by Browny. For us, this place was close to home, cosy, offering Thai yummy food... perfect for a random Wednesday when you can't be bothered to cook!

This is what they have to say for themselves on their website:

"It seems like only yesterday that Nancy Lam opened her small restaurant Enak Enak 18 years ago to introduce Londoners to her unique brand of family-style, Indonesian-inspired cooking - laced with a whole lot of Nancy's trademark personal spice!

Yes, Nancy Lam's Enak Enak has come a long way since it first put the
Indonesian words for "yummy yummy" into the English foodie vocabulary. Nancy prepares her famous satay, barbecued prawns, rendang and other homely dishes just the way her late grandmother taught her, so you won't find her style of cooking anywhere else.

This is, after all, a family-run restaurant where you get honest-to-goodness cooking. And as many people would agree: food is best when it comes straight from the heart."

From the outside you could be mistaken that this restaurant has featured in one of Gordan Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare episodes; quite dingie looking, dark, a big painted picture of Mama Nancy immediately catches you eye.... however once you walk in you realise why locals continually go back for more.

The interior is pretty basic but the atmosphere is intimate and cosy, the service was attentive, and the food was extremely tasty. The only slight let down was the rather greasy fish cakes to start. However, this was followed by delicious sizzling beef and a fantastic spicy number: Treasure Hunt chicken with rice and pak choi. A majority of the food was well presented and oozed flavour.

Enak Enka produces simple food which is cooked from the heart..... And cooked very well at that!

Having polished off a bottle of white and put the world to rights, we came to the conclusion that we liked this local eatery. A little pricey? .....Yes. But worth it?....... I think so.

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