Saturday 26 April 2008

Caviar House and Prunier, Heathrow Terminal 4

On my way to Chicago I suffered at the hands of Heathrow. The place is completely cursed and a complete embarrassment to everyone associate with London. But on the plus side, our pilot's decision not to turn up for work resulted in me being given some vouchers to spend on "refreshments" anywhere I wanted within the terminal. Having guzzled more than my fair share of business class mini-bacon sandwiches and endless cups of tea I decided to make the most of my voucher. Wimpy? No thanks! Pret? Nope. Caviar House and Prunier? Yes please!

Seafood Bar and Prunier counter LHR

Seafood Bar and Prunier Heathrow

I had King Crab and a glass of very cold, dry white wine. Bliss. After all the hassle and stress of being in a crowded, hot and disorganised airport this cool, refreshing plate of tender crab was perfect, if a little pricey! But I wasn't paying. BA were! The contrast between the civilised setting of a luxury food outlet in an airport and the apocalyptically danger of the Deadliest Catch weren't lost on me. Just have a look at the sheer savagery of the waves in the video below. The Deadliest Catch is the Discovery Channel's hugely popular documentary about the reality of King Crab fishing in the Bering Sea. It's scary stuff and documents the death of an entire crew. So I sat with my glass of chilled white wine and sweet, salty crab meat and felt very fortunate that I don't make my living as a fisherman!

The Caviar House and Prunier is the only decent place to eat in the entire terminal. Which is a complete disgrace.


Douglas Blyde said...

I'm sitting in front of it - it's closed, alas.

Anonymous said...

This is so weird. I go through LHR maybe once every five years. Last time was two years ago. I'm going to be going through next week - and all I can think about is that damned seafood bar.

Smoked salmon with a flute of champagne... Yum!


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