Sunday 20 April 2008

The Future Laboratory meets Oliver Rowe

I went to The Future Laboratory's Spring trends day earlier this month to find out about what the future has in store for consumer attitudes, design and a whole wealth of other interesting things. But most importantly they always do a good lunch. In the past Melrose and Morgan have done the catering and also the Wapping Project. Both of which were brilliant.

But this year things moved up a notch. I noticed that the afternoon talks featured a half hour session on "Food Futures" which covered the idea of "Localvores". Having been to Konstam at the Prince Albert about 5 months ago I was delighted to see Oliver Rowe's food on the menu.

To emphasise the impact of this trend towards local food, it made perfect sense for Konstam to do the catering. All the food had been sourced from within the M25. Our slow roasted shoulder of lamb from Amersham was delicious. It fell apart at the touch of our bamboo recyclable cutlery and melted in the mouth. Seriously high class "mass catering". I recognised some of the staff from Konstam who did a great job of serving up high class food in a cramped, tumble down building - London's oldest and most derelict music hall called Witlons.

I popped outside with a cup of coffee to check some emails and get some sunshine and found myself peeking through a crack in the wall that looked into the kitchen and was amazed to see Oliver Rowe himself doing the cooking! When we had been to Konstam he hadn't done any of the cooking in the open kitchen - but he did come in to check how things were going. So it was brilliant to see the man himself slaving away for us. It made the whole experience 100% more authentic.

So I can recommend both The Future Laboratory and Konstam / Oliver Rowe!

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