Saturday 26 April 2008

The Chapel, Edgeware Road

Just a quick review of The Chapel pub near Edgeware Road Tube Station...

It's a well run pub with an exciting food menu featuring some modern pub classics like rib eye steak, fish cakes and grilled chicken. This is bolstered by some more unusual offerings such as grilled ostrich with a mango, ginger and chili dressing. The most startling side of the menu however, is the lack of both burgers and chips... a very good thing indeed! Even though I did have an insatiable desire to wolf down a cheese burger and chips on a slow Friday afternoon!

Oi and I had the grilled ostrich which was beautifully rare. Unfortunately, the meat was tough and fibrous. Not the tender piece of meat we were expecting. It was chewy and disappointing as a piece of meat. A real shame because the rest of the dish was fabulous. We probably should have played safe with the rib eye!

I watched the two, young and energetic chefs at work. The quality of their presentation and flavour combinations were very impressive. I suspect that they were just let down by the quality of their meat. We'll give them a second chance at some point soon to try the rest of their menu out. But another blunder and we won't return.

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