Friday 16 May 2008

Brasserie James

Brasserie James is springing up like a phoenix from Tabaq's flames in Clapham South. Good luck to them! It's yet another indication that the Balham / Clapham South area is the place to be. Someone recently referred to Balham as the new Fulham. Well at least they end in the same 3 letters.

What with the recent opening of Gazette (which is ace) and the closure of Raviolo... Balham's rise to culinary utopia is well on track.

It would be nice if there was some sort of local blogger initiative like they have at Gazette to help the launch of Brasserie James.


Andreea said...

nice to discover your blog as well. will come in handy for my trips to london :)

Browners said...

Hi Andrea...

Great to hear from you. If you ever need any inspiration when you are over in London let us know!

We wish we had met you before we went to Bruges back in April. You could have given us some advice. We went to Rockfort/Bar Salon which was great... and also to Cafedraal which we loved too.



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