Friday 16 May 2008

Kathy Brown's Edible Flowers

When I was doing my GCSEs about a decade ago Mum was busy adding flowers to all our food! I thought it completely normal and nothing really to cause a fuss. Little did I know she was about 10 years ahead of a major culinary trend!

This excitement peaked a few months ago when the contestants in the Master Chef final visited Michel Bras's restaurant in Southern France that specialises in using flowers in his cuisine. The setting, philosophy, style and no doubt taste were stunning. Mum was enthused and we can't wait to find an excuse to go there for lunch!

Then, this week, Charles Campion, who as it happens is a judge in the semi final of Master Chef who comes out with gems such as "TEK nically accomplised... dinner party ordinary" wrote an article in the Evening Standard which is shown below. Inspired by Chelsea Flower Show he talks about:

"The highlight of the horticultural calendar, the Chelsea Flower Show, will be upon us again next week — so dust off the daisies and bring on the begonias, we're all going flower power crazy. However, if smelling the roses just isn't enough for you, you can now eat them as well. London's restaurants have taken a leaf — or should we say a petal — out of the Royal Horticultural Society's book.

And we're not just talking lovely, fragrant bouquets on the tables or culinary staples that have been cleverly reinvented with a floral twist — the capital's top chefs have devised a whole new crop of florally inspired dishes, from entire menus to afternoon teas and cocktails. These run the whole gamut, from gently incorporated floral essences (an initiation for the nervous) to serving up the real thing — petals, stamens and all.

But if you're planning to attend the show at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, don't make the mistake of eating the displays — you may find yourself unceremoniously ousted."

Whislt in this online article it concentrates on the RHS, Chelsea and some restaurants the printed article says,

"For the home cook, the seminal reference book, Kathy Brown's Edible Flowers, is republished by Anness in June."

How exciting! Charles, if you would like to come for dinner with my parents in Stevington we will show you around the garden and then feed you with flowers just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Yay! My friend and I are planning to go to the show while we're in your city!


Browners said...

Hey SS... enjoy Chelsea! Have a great time.


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