Sunday 19 October 2008

Inner Temple Floral Fancies


Mum and Hannah have now recovered from their phenomenal project at the Inner Temple Flower Show: Floral Fancies.

Their concept was brilliant - English afternoon tea with a floral twist.

IMG_6866_JPG_Thumbnail1 Suze

Imagine cupcakes with rose petal icing. Brownies with a violet glaze. Ice creams with lavender and gin, raspberry and rose petal. I had the honour of helping out on a very busy Saturday. From 10am onwards we were completely swamped with people greedily wanting to try our cakes. According to Hannah, "we sold 1,000 floral cupcakes, 1,000 brownies, 250 almond croissants, 675 mini foccacia, 300 loaves of bread and lots of tray bakes, ice cream and prosecco with violet liquor." Pretty impressive stuff.

I am enormously proud of Mum and Hannah. Their venture was extremely brave and has taken a huge amount of effort on top of Hannah writing her debut book and Mum has been busy with the garden and appearing on Gardener's World and Britain's Best House and Garden TV shows.

I am looking forward to Floral Fancies going from strength to strength in the future. You can read more about the whole thing on Hannah's blog here.

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