Sunday 19 October 2008

The Restaurant Show: Luscombe Drinks


Just a quick note to say that the guys at Luscombe are brilliant. Not only do their drinks taste brilliant, but in many ways they look even better! Plus they tend to be served at the best places such as Riverford Farm where we first spotted them. Their firey ginger beer is brilliant. We're really interested in their cocktail list. I've tried their cool ginger beer with some Courvoisier cognac and it's pretty special.

I also tried their Sicilian Lemonade which is brilliant. As is their raspberry lemonade. So tasty. And such cool packaging. Apparently they are about to be stocked in Harrods and are gaining some brilliant distribution. Good luck!

And better still the lovely lady on the stand had read my review from the Real Food Festival! How fun.

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