Saturday 25 October 2008

Poisonous and Tasty Mushrooms at Stevington

It's Autumn and I've got a semi about all the fun fungus growing in the hedgerows. Little outcrops of joy. Wondering around our garden I only found a few mushrooms... Dad was far more successful. As he was mowing the grass he kept on unearthing more mushrooms. Here's a selection of the tastiest and most deadly...

Field mishrooms

Field mushroom text


This first set smelt nicely of aniseed. I am relatively confident that they are field mushrooms... or possibly horse mushrooms.. either way I am pretty sure they would have been edible and tasty too. I never plucked up confidence to eat them... and found that they were riddled with little insects which had eaten a fine matrix of little holes.

The second set of shrooms were even more exciting. Dad yelled and I ran out. He'd found a green mushroom growing beneath a cherry tree. The more we looked the more we found. Within 10 minutes we'd found bucket loads. They were all thriving in the mulch all over the garden. Excited at the prospect of an adventurous free lunch.

Verdigris Agaric in situ

As you can see they were a weird green colour and covered in white specks... enough to make me refer to a proper text book.

Verdigris Agaric

I am glad I did because it turned out these green bad boys were poisonous, called Vedigris Agaric. Thank God I didn't fry them up and serve them on toast!


Jules said...

The only mushrooms we've managed to find are poisonous ones :(

Marie Rayner said...

I've never found anything but poisonous mushrooms as well. I think I would be afraid to cook anything I unearthed. I guess I'm not that confident in my ability to detect the difference between delicious and deadly!


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