Monday 2 March 2009

Salmon Ramen a la Olive Magazine

Feeling a bit stodged up by eating my own body-weight in eggs and slow cooked lamb this weekend I returned home in need of some clean, light food with a bit of comforting zing. Leafing through Olive magazine, I stumbled across their recipe for salmon ramen and decided to give it a tweak.

I tried to find miso soup sachets in Brixton's Tesco but failed - so instead I used a Knorr's new stock pot. Put some soba noodles in a pan and cook until tender. In the meantime, simply bring 750ml of stock to a simmer and add some chili and plenty of ginger. Let this cook for a minute before "slipping" in a couple of salmon fillets. Let this poach for another minute or so before adding a dash or two of so, a couple of chopped spring onions and some pak choi.

Salmon Ramen prep

Drain the noodles and place in the bottom of a deep bowl. Gently remove the salmon fillet which should be a beautiful pale-pink colour and still slightly rare in the middle so it flakes like a Italian soldier. Then pour over the broth and place the pak choi around the side of the bowl. Garnish liberally with coriander and a wedge of lime before splashing on a few drops of soy.

Salmon Ramen 2

It was stunningly tasty. As light and zingy as the weekend was stodgy and heavy. We loved the immediate heat of the chili and softness of the salmon. It's a very understated dish that makes you feel healthier than a nutritionalist.

Excellent recipe from Olive. It's now going to become one of my healthy staples. I'm going to try to make it more authentic. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving on this/developing it further? Ideas please!


Hollow Legs said...

It looks delicious!

Without meaning to sound sarky, how about using ramen noodles...? Udon noodles are also great. You can get the puches of miso paste in the Japan Centre (or one of the shops on Brewer St). I'd imagine to make it even more authentic you could garnish it with dashi flakes and some shredded daikon.

Cowie said...

How could I miss out on that!? It looks so scrummy!

Browners said...

Thanks Lizzie!

I knew from the outset that this was never going to be mega authentic. The Olive magazine recipe recommended soba noodles and chicken stock afterall...

I'm going to the Japan centre this evening. I'll pick up some udon and soba noodles as well as the proper miso paste and garnish properly with dashi and daikon.

Thanks Lizzie

If anyone else can suggest ways to make this better, please let me know.

Wine Splodge said...

How about adding some mirin to the dashi? Also, a new discovery for me recently was Japanese pepper 'sansyo' (
It's expensive but a small amount goes a long way and it has a really unique citrus like flavour.

Browners said...

Excellent ideas. Mirin, dashi and sansyo. I'll get some this week and test it out on Friday.



KK said...
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