Thursday 26 March 2009

Tsunami ticks all the boxes

Disappointment. I hate it.

When I think of the times I have been disappointed recently, it conjures up thoughts when I have been unsatisfied, frustrated, uninspired and on occasions, sad.

Despite much effort and perseverance Browny and I have struggled in vain to go out for a flawless dinner recently or even one that wetted our appetites for more. Other than our exciting and inspired trip to the Underground Restaurant in Kilburn in February, we have been let down by one thing or another, whether it’s a stingey portion, over done fish, zilch atmosphere, grumpy, inattentive (smelly) staff and overpriced food.

As I grow older and wiser it seems my palate has an increasing desire for light, delicate and refined foods yet that still deliver on taste, flavour and texture.

Rumour has it Tsunami is a firm favourite of many Clapham locals who have an affection for Japanese cuisine. As the credit crunch continues to bite, when I spotted a 30% off discount at the sister restaurant in the West End we couldn’t resist a visit.

I was concerned that on a damp Monday evening the place would be deserted of punters, but this was not the case. As we entered the funky and stylish room, we opted of the cosy snug part of the restaurant at the rear. Things were looking good; a relaxing atmosphere, a delightful waiter (who managed to smash three full glasses of wine as he directed me to the loo!), delicious champagne cocktails and fragrant light green tea.

But it was the food that really put a smile on our faces. We started our feast with standard nibbles; steaming hot and salty edamame, juicy and moreish chicken yakotori skewers and some stunningly fresh succulent sashimi. The presentation of all of it was exemplary.

The generous portion of tempura of king crab was also superb. The hunky chunks of juicy crab were coated in lightest of batters with a golden crisp. The yuzu butter and creamy chilli garlic dipping sauces were pretty special too.

However the star of the show had to be the black miso cod. I was concerned that with so much hype it would fail the test. But not abit of it. It was truly sensational, to the extent that I just didn’t want the eating moment to end! The cod resembled a large slab of stilton in shape, but the texture was so silky and smooth that the fish simply flaked apart when prodded. And the taste. Wow. Sticky, sweet and tangy all at once. I could go on, but I am rapidly sounding like Greg Green Grocer Wallace!

We left the restaurant feeling so content and our tummies very happy indeed. Tsunami really delivered where so many haven’t. Please go and see for yourself.

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Petra Barran said...

Yes yes yes! Tsunami is such an exciting ride. It really lifts you with a good, energising jolt - such relief after the endless turgid predictables. Try the tuna tartare in a martini glass and the smelt eggs and scallop next time. Maravilla!

Manne said...

Glad you enjoyed it, and I completely share your opinion.

Went to their West End branch a while back, and I was really happy about everything from the look through service to the food, glorious food!

My 2 cents:

Browners said...

I just want to say a big welcome back to Cowie! Great article darling. It really was one of our best meals in a long time.

Browners said...

Hi Petra - glad you are a fellow Tsunami fan. I loved it and can't wait to go back. Charming staff. And I've fallen in love with their king crab.

Browners said...

Manne - Scottish fillet of beef with foie gras and sea urchin butter on a bed of steamed spring onion sounds incredible. Definitely going to have this next time. Yum.

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

With a recommendation like that, how can I refuse your command?

Browners said...

Hey Forkful.

You really ought to go. Apparently the one in Clapham is really good.

Le laquet said...

I went to Tsunami for my sis-in-laws birthday celebrations way back in January - loved the crab tempura! We'll be going back

Browners said...

Le Laquet - glad to have found another crab tempura fan. Do you know of any other joints that do it well?


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