Sunday 16 November 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

We were humbled last week to be awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Fiona from Cottage Smallholder. It's not often someone takes the time to write nice things about you "Witty, urbane and well worth a visit, Around Britain with a Paunch is fun and educationalish." It really made my day.

So it is now my turn to pick out 6 blogs that I think deserve an award. I know that some bloggers aren't that keen on awards so if I nominate you and you're not into it, don't worry. We'll just never speak of it again, like some sort of childhood disaster.

In absolutely no particular order...

Helen Graves over at Food Stories. I love the look of her blog and want to find out where she learnt to take such brilliant photos with rounded edges! And I'm very excited about having a fellow sandwich enthusiast to have fun with.

Lizzie at Hollow Legs always has loads of cool stories and cooks up some very interesting things. Plus she recommended that Cowie and I went to Peninsula for some dim sum on Cowie's birthday.

Douglas Blyde writes the Oscar Wildean wine and restaurant blog Intoxicating Prose. I'm terrible envious of the places Douglas eats at and his relatively mysterious foodie job. I'm looking forward to us going for dinner in early December. If you get a chance check out his excellent review of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

If it's not too nepotistic, I'm delighted that my amazing Mum has taken to writing her gardening blog like the world to Obama. I love seeing our garden evolve and mature. I love seeing the frost on our topiary; the yellowing leaves on our wind swept trees. I've got a funny feeling that she'll be a lot better at it than me. Have at look at Kathy Browns Garden Blog.

Following a similar theme, Hannah's blog never ceases to inspire me. I love catching up on what Hannah and Sacha are up to. Hannah, I know you are a bit down at the moment, so I hope this helps a little bit to cheer you up.

And finally, but not at all least, Niamh's brilliant Eat Like a Girl. Her photos are gorgeous. Her recipes are a delight. And to top it all off she is the brilliant network community manager of Trusted Places. Yesterday she organised a brilliant macaron making lesson at l'atelier des chefs which was huge fun. I'll write about it when I manage to get the photos off my camera. So in the meantime you can check out the pictures here on Foodie Guides Flickr stream.

Well done everyone.

And the 6 things I like doing best...

1. Reading Observer Food Monthly
2. Finding somewhere exciting to go with Cowie but not telling her where we're going
3. Finding somewhere awesome that others don't know about
4. Loading my pictures into Photoshop and realising that they don't need tweaking
5. Cooking a souffle and admiring it
6. Foraging for mushrooms and then finding out they are edible


Douglas Blyde said...

That's extremely kind of you - thank you! Very much looking forward to our adventure in December...

Hollow Legs said...

Ah, thank you!

Niamheen said...

How lovely. I am very flattered. Thanks for the kind words!


Hannah said...

Oh bless you - you are right, that has cheered me up.


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