Sunday 16 November 2008

Le Cool-est Guide to London

I couldn't be a lot less cool. So I try to make up for it by subscribing to city guides like Flavorpill, Kultureflash and Le Cool and read city sites such as Londonist.

Flavorpill is always great and offers up a brilliant range of alternative ways to enjoy London and I am loving Londonist even more now I am part of their crew as "The Sandwichist". But it is Le Cool which is the most explosively awesome resource. I get their weekly email which is normally a bit too far out for me, but I feel a bit cooler by reading it. My love of Le Cool was cemented when I stumbled across their guide to Barcelona days before our trip to El Bulli and Barcelona. We used the book as our bible for 2 days and had such a brilliant time. In particular we loved Flash Flash Tortilleria which was enthusiastically recommended by Le Cool.

So when I was reading Amelia's blog and I discovered that the have launched a London edition I entered my bank details quicker than you can say "online credit card fraud".

I haven't had a chance to devour the entire book yet, but I have read the sections that fit my mental map of London - South London, Soho and Fitzrovia. I'm already super excited about visiting the following places in South London:

Breads Etc... Cowie has been talking about this places for a while now. But I hadn't realised that it was so special. It's on Clapham High Street and serves their special breads and jams to take away or have in and toast yourself.

Having thought I had grown out of Infernos I found myself there on Friday night and had a whale of a time. But I hope I won't be going back too soon. I'd rather go to The Loft, above Tescos on Clapham High Street, which gets a great little review.

I've always been tempted by Gastro, opposite the Clapham Picture House, but we always think it's a touch too expensive and go elsewhere. But the review in the Le Cool book has tempted me to pay it a visit soon. Great steak and red wine apparently. Probably best to save it until after the film! It gets great reviews on London Eats.

Having had a brilliant night at Fujiyama and Brixton Bar and Grill on Friday I'm delighted to see that Brixton gets a great write up too. I'm now planning to pay Plan B and Dex a visit. But the places that are on top of my to do list in Brixton are Franco Manca which serves allegedly the best pizza in the UK according to the Observer and Upstairs which can be found, if you look really hard, on Acre Lane.

It's such a cool book. Get your hands on one before they all sell out.

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Amelia said...

So glad that you like it - I got a bunch to give away as Xmas presents!

Browners said...

Such a cool book. I've been telling everyone all about it since it arrived.


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