Monday 3 November 2008

The Sandwichist: Salt Beef Sandwich, Selfridges

Salt beef from Brass Rail in Selfridges

I'm loving my new role as the "Sandwich Correspondent" at the Londonist. For this month's article click here.

I am now looking to find the ideal sandwich London has to offer for the December column... can anyone recommend a great place for a Christmas sandwich on the tube network? Preferably not from Eat or Pret.

Your help please!!!


Joie de vivre said...

I was a little confused by your labeling salt beef an American sandwich until I realized that you were talking about what we call "corned beef". Amazing to both be English speakers and still get confused. And yes, corned beef is good with a spicy mustard. Sometimes even horseradish or saurkraut.

Browners said...

Ah the never ending confusion of the English language. It's often referred to us corned beef which apparently is olde English for "salt beef". The added confusion is that the Australians have something completely differnt called corned beef. As do we. It comes in a tin and is disgusting!


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