Wednesday 10 December 2008

Graze - Nature Delivered


Having been sent a promo code by a friend from work for Graze I couldn't really say no. So I signed up for a free first box / half price second box. You can sign up for the same offer by tapping in this code in the right box - 6BK6HZY.

Essentially Graze is a service that delivers natural, healthy, snacks to your desk - in a range of formats. (Right up Cowie's street I thought.) From the moment I logged onto the site I was impressed. It's slick, with high production values and very impressive photography of a wide range of foodie nibbles. You are encouraged to choose your preference of healthy snacks to be delivered using a similar engine to Love Film. I ticked a few boxes at random and waited for the outcome. Cowie was far more judicious and no doubt will reap the rewards.


2 days later I was pleasantly surprised when a very smart brown cardboard box arrived with my goodies inside. All the girls in the office gathered round to see what was inside my Pandora's box. My first parcel contained several juicy slices of pineapple, a handful of black pepper cashews and some black olive focaccia. The pineapple was delicious and put me in a very healthy mood. And the girls all loved the cashews. The bread was a bit flaccid but the olives concealed within it were tasty and of higher quality than you normally encounter.

I am looking forward to my second box arriving tomorrow. But will I continue my subscription? To be honest, I won't. It's not for me because I don't like the idea of being bound into an expensive routine. But that's just me. The quality of the food is high. The service itself is first class. And the introductory offer is hard to say no to.

The brains behind Graze have done a great job with the consumer experience... maybe they could take things a step further with a blogger relationship programme?


Hollow Legs said...

I used the same offer as you and wasn't massively impressed. I found there was too much packaging, and quite expensive for what it is. Perhaps for people who don't have to time to go out and find all the bits themselves? I always have time for snack shopping!

Browners said...

Agree with you. Too much packaging... albeit I like the design and can see that it is a good template for them to customise from.

But was disappointed they haven't done an M&S and used corn starch rather than plastic.

That said - I do think it is a good idea. And that for some people it will improve their health. It made me healthy for 2 days!!! Or at least I felt healthy.

Berlin sounds fun. Massively sausagey!


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