Tuesday 16 December 2008

Sandwichist - Festive Turkey Bap at Fuzzy's Grub

Fuzzy sign

As part of my ongoing quest to find London's best sandwich since sliced bread for the Londonist, I ventured with Helen from Food Strories to Fuzzy's Grub. Given that we are now in December, this month's theme was all about turkey and Christmas.

Loads of my friends who work in and around the city rave about Fuzzy's... their main selling point is their unique ability to squeeze and entire roast dinner into a heaving bap. It was great to share the experience with Helen, who is also writing a series about sandwiches. Whilst we enjoyed the challenge of such a massive sandwich... it was more a triumph of engineering than cooking. I was very impressed by their gravity defying sandwich construction... and complete disregard for people who are shy about carbs. Anyone who puts roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings in a sandwich deserves respect in my book - even if the resulting sandwich is almost inedible!

Fill her up

Roast turkey sandiwch 2

The after-effects of the sandwich transported me immediately to that post roast feeling, where you are slouching on the couch, feeling flushed and snoozy trying to find an alternative to the Queen's speech on the telly. Lethargy, wind and an uncomfortable bloated feeling linked the two experiences.

Helen gave the sandwich a 4 out of 10. This is based on taste and some very rigorous sandwich criteria. I'm looking forward to seeing how Helen's excellent project develops and to future sandwich expeditions together...

But my rating isn't on a number system. I simply decide whether the sandwich is on brief. And if this brief was, find an iconic Christmas sandwich... I think Fuzzy's roast turkey sandwich, whilst dry, hard to eat and bland is a perfect "sanwichisation" of Christmas lunch. You wouldn't want it to be light and fluffy now would you.

For my Sandwichist review of Fuzzy's Grub click here and for the whole Sandwichist series click here.

My next theme will be about holding back - I want to find the best value sandwich in London for the January post. So far the guys on Chowhound have had some good ideas... but if anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

Well I have to agree with you there Jonathan! It was certainly 'on brief'! I still maintain that the concept is an excellent one and you are right, you wouldn't want a light Christmas lunch, that would just be wrong, wrong, wrong!! Looking forward to reading more of your sarnie adventures :)

Jules said...
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Jules said...

Now that is what I call a sandwich!

Browners said...

It was a serious "MAN" sandwich. No messing about!!!

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Anonymous said...
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