Monday 28 May 2007

Bruton Summer Fete

How good was today's summer fete in Bruton? My big boss Patrick, who has a house in Bruton, asked a few weeks ago when the Bruton fete was... Cowie asked her hairdresser and hey presto we were booked in to scout out the famous Bruton Summer Fete...

Victoria went last year and dismissed it this morning as being OK, but nothing special unless you like Morris dancers and throwing sponges at people in stocks. She stayed at home tending to her geraniums.

When we arrived in Bruton, rain pissing down and making all the cows look unhappy, we were bowled over by the number of people scurrying around in their water proof coats. Normally when you go into Bruton you see about 4 people if you're lucky. Hippies everywhere. Insense making my nostrils sting. Colourful jewellery being hawked by keen young girls. Local charity tombolas. All set next to a tranquil, muddy brown steam cutting between the dignified stone walls of Kings Bruton School.

We were enormously impressed by the number of really exciting foodie stalls. Thorner's butchers have supplied me with my supper this evening - a beautifully tender veal rib eye steak which I am planning to sear for a fraction of a second on a super heated grill pan. Cowie had a Sweet Dreams smoothie, smoothified by a bicycle powered blender! Hippie power!

For more on how to make a Bicycle Blender visit the Make site here.

I can't receommend the Bruton Fete enough. It ticks all the foodie boxes: organic, low food miles, local, tasty, democratised, fun! I'm now eagerly looking forward to next years.

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