Saturday 19 May 2007

The Engineer, Primrose Hill

On Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to lunch at the Engineer in Primrose Hill. Oli's always banging on about how good it is so I was very excited about seeing if it lived up to his big chat.

Sure enough it did.

We were lucky with the weather which meant we could sit in the garden under the shade of a tall Labernum chatting about cricket and loving the fact that we weren't at work. The menu was short but in a good way. We all would have loved to eat everything on it. I chose the salt beef with piccalilli for starter which was a colourful treat for the eyes but less flamboyant in the mouth. I was hoping for some piquancy but it never delivered. Still it was very pleasant, just not quite the vibrant starter it appeared to be at first sight.

My grilled pork T bone was a delicious piece of meat, beautifully singed by the grill and growling with a salty tapenade. Butter beans and peas swam around the bottom of the bowl complementing the texture of the pork very cleverly.

The others had burgers which looked spectacularly good. Massively meaty with impressive chunky chips on the side.

It all made for a very relaxing experience. Just what everyone wanted at the beginning of summer with the cricket unfolding down the road at Lords and at the end of another hectic week.

I'm looking forward to returning for a leisurely dinner later in the summer.

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