Tuesday 15 May 2007

John Dory

My John Dory at the Riverside was sublime. Not only do I like the way it tastes, but I like its story even more.

From Wikipedia:

"Various explanations are given of the origin of the name. It may be an arbitrary or jocular variation of dory (itself from the French dorée, gilded), or perhaps an allusion to John Dory, the hero of an old ballad. Others suggest that "John" derives from the French jaune, yellow. The novel An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne gives another account, which has some popularity but is probably fanciful: "The legendary etymology of this piscatorial designation is Janitore, the "door-keeper," in allusion to St. Peter, who brought a fish said to be of that species, to our Lord at His command." (St. Peter is said to be keeper of the pearly gates of Heaven.) A related legend says that the dark spot on the fish's flank is St. Peter's thumbprint."

Bloody ugly. Bloody tasty.

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