Wednesday 31 October 2007

The Crab and Winkle, Whitstable

Browny has already given a pretty comprehensive account of Whistable, but I must just write a quick something about the Crab and Winkle.

The restaurant is found on the 1st floor above the working fishery below. Looking out over the harbour and the sea, in the summer months the view from the restaurant would be highly impressive. The decor is simple and practical but would have benefited from more subtle lighting.

Anyway back to the food....

It would have been slacralage not to eat fish at this venue. I wanted to hit the man sat opposite us who had pigeon for his supper! The chosen starters were moule marinere and pan fried scallops. Some would say an unoriginal choice, but my word they were both extremely good. My scallops were served in their shells, accompanied with a cauliflower cheese esk sauce and bacon. Very special.

For main course we felt the menu was somewhat limited considering all the fish on show downstairs. Having shot gunned the special of 'baked sea bass with anchovies, rosemary and capers, lentils and braised fennel', Browny thought he would play safe and go for good old fish n' chips... obviously with tartare sauce and mushy peas... The latter of which were quite revolting!

The bass was in a class of its own. I was initially concerned that so many flavours would over power and clash with the fish, but somehow it was a magical combo. The F and C did exactly what it said on the tin; but in all honesty it wasn't streets ahead of your standard chippy.

Cheese was next in store for Browny. The selection was a little mean in quantity but tasty none the less. Meanwhile, I was feeling pretty smug that I had managed to resist the pudding menu. However, my saintly act was soon in tatters when I decided to order at the last minute a gigantic raspberry souffle and sorbet.... Little Miss Piggy is a better name for me these days.

We were very pleased we gave the Crab and Winkle a go. A thoroughly enjoyable evening, good food and wine.. but certainly on the pricey side.

Food - 7
Service - 7
Atmosphere - 7
Abit too pricey for what you get.

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