Tuesday 30 October 2007

Seafood in Whitstable

Cowie and I read about the joys of Whitstable in Olive Magazine a month or so ago and as usual got excited about it and booked ourselves into a BnB and started looking up restaurants and reviews...

Our main aim was to sample Whitstable's famous oysters. It didn't take us long to stumble across the brilliant fish market on the south pier where freshly shucked oysters are yours for 65p each! Amazing.

They were shucked for us in seconds and presented like half a dozen eggs in a small piece of dark cardboard! A far cry from the OTT mound of ice and wire rack you'd get at Wright's in Borough Market! We sloshed some lemon juice and chilli vinegar on them before taking them outside to wolf them down. I had thrown two of the vast pieces of chilled, salty, slippy shellfish down my throat before I realised that Cowie was having a few issues tackling hers... the problem was that they were so big and fresh that she had to bite them rahter than just swallow... and they were full of salty water... I thought they were great and ate the rest of them leaving me feeling in love with Whitstable and energised for rest of the day. There's nothing quite like demolishing a bunch of oysters for lunch and not even breaking a fiver!

The market below the Crab and Winkle is amazing. It's so full of fresh seafood that you leave with your eyes feeling full to bursting!

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