Monday 22 October 2007

Street Food in Istanbul

Istanbul is a great place to find find cheap, fun food on the street. Kebab shops are two a penny. Street vendors selling barbecued sweet corn and roasted chestnuts are just as prevalent as are shops selling amazing pastries that look so bad for you they must be delicious. Bagel machines and mussel sellers were equally hard to avoid!

Not wanting to return back from the epicentre of the kebab world without having eaten a genuine donner Cowie relented and allowed me to have a kebab on the last day. We did plenty of research and decided that we would eat directly opposite our apartment... just in case. We found a store which had a constant stream of locals walking away stuffing their faces and thought that they must be popular for a reason. The more trade they get the fresher their kebab must be... hopefully!

Here are the action shots... worthy of a chapter in Lonely Planet!

And here's the video, worthy of the Discovery Channel

For a great article about Istanbul street food click here. It's amazing!


Steve Wallis said...

Hi Jonathon, hope you are well - your blog looks fantastic, as do your travels in Asia Minor - that street food just looks so enticing, I can almost smell it!. We must get a few of us together soon for some culinary adventures, hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

next time you should try ciya in kadikoy.
(its in turkish but fotos can be helpful)

Anonymous said...

I just returned from living in Istanbul. I am in my mourning period. It's funny/scary that I know exactly where you took each and every one of those photos. That's what happens when you walk up and down Istiklal several times a day for the commute.

I second g.baran's suggestion if Ciya. Divine.

Browners said...

So glad you all liked the post. Istanbul is such a cool place and I cannot wait to go back. When I do I will definitely try out Ciya.

Steven - very keen for a culinary catch up soon. You must have so many stories to share!


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