Tuesday 2 October 2007

Raviolo in Balham

Having promised to visit Raviolo about a month or so ago we finally got stuck in a few weeks ago.

It was a chilly September evening. A broken oaking slab splashed water up at me as I crossed the road from Balham Station to Raviolo. Undettered by having wet trouser legs and by being unusually early I settled into my pew in the hard edged dining room and ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio and some olives whilst trying to work out how the menu worked.

Cowie and her sister arrived a bit late for once and immediately started snooping around the restaurant trying to work out what the best things on the menu were. This is one of Cowie's specialities... sussing out what everyone else is having in minute detail and then getting really involved in quizzing the hapless waiter about what goes with what. Their advice is sought and then dismissed! Not that Cowie quite sees it like this!

On this occassion Cowie's inquiries came up trumps. We had a range of pasta shapes with delicious sauces. The pasta was all al dente and served with rich, flavoursome sauces and oil concoctions. Our favourite was the mushroom ravioli which was spot on.

The atmosphere is relaxed and lively. It's not too formal and you are made to feel very welcome... unlike their website which is awful! It's trying very hard but doesn't work. God knows why you are forced to download PDFs of the menu which in turn are corrupted. Not ideal. If it worked properly I'd be able to tell you about all the wonderful sauces and pasta combinations... alas... I've forgotten most of them.

We had a super evening and at 60 quid for dinner for 3 people including wine it was pretty good value too. We'll be back...

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