Monday 22 October 2007

Flight to Istanbul

For Cowie's 25th birthday we decided to go to Istanbul. To be honest we only went there because of someone's recommendation on Tripadvisor when we were researching our Croatian adventure earlier in the year.

Somehow we snaffled some cheap flights from BA which subsequently became extortinately expensive and set off for a thrilling weekend of surprises. Cowie was mainly excited about the plane food. Having had to fly with EasyJet recently, who I hate because they stole my camera and refused to compensate me for it, we were really lookig forward to seeing what they fed us. Cowie was insistent it would be chicken. I was just happy to see Cowie's face when it turned out to be a tomatoey beef stew which was delicious, some smoked salmon and a gooey chocolate thing for pudding. Because we were sitting on the right side of the plane we were bathed in beautiful sunshine for the entire journey which made taking these photos rather fun! It gave me a chance to play around with all the new modes on Cowie's mini camera. The macro function is amazing as is the ability to play around with the ISO settings to avoid having to use the flash.

It turns out there is an entire website devoted to aeroplane food called Airline Meals. So I'm now planning to share these pictures with them to see what they think! It documents the evolution of airline food over the decades and looks like a great distraction from work for a few hours.

From the look of the photos I don't think we did too badly! The start of a great trip.

Our food on the way back was less exciting as you can tell from the images below. It was also quite dark and Harry Potter was on the telly so we weren't quite so artistic with the shots! On the plus side Cowie got the chicken she was hoping for.

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