Tuesday 9 October 2007

Elizabeth in London

A few weeks ago I went to a fascinating trends day at the Wapping Project in East London run by the ever brilliant Future Laboratory.

Over a delicous lunch of butter nut squash risotto and roast chicken I was lucky to meet a charming lady called Elizabeth Sayner from the Rockwell Group design agency.

Elizabeth was over in London having a long hard week of looking around London's restaurants so we got on very well! Claudia and I suggested a few places to visit and I was delighted to hear back from Elizabeth with an update of what she thought of her experiences...

"St Alban's: told you about over lunch, good, but pretty much like any other "expense account" type of restaurant I've eaten at

Hakkasan/Yauatcha: still good after all these years. AWESOME cocktails probably the most memorable of the experience

La Fromagerie: TWICE, first for lunch the day after you told us about it, and then the breakfast before we left. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Couldn't get enough of it. It's really the perfect place and the whole experience, from the design, the atmosphere, the food, etc. is so amazing.

Acorn House: Excellent meal, probably among our top three. Had an amazing tagliatelle with Scottish mushrooms that was unreal. The desserts were yummy too, and the price was amazing value for money in London. Loved the service and atmosphere - unpretentious and intimate.

Napket Snob Food: Totally silly, ridiculously over the top design grab and go gourmet that just opened in Chelsea. Totally makes a mockery of the food as fashion trend and the high maintenance fashionista demographic in the neighborhood. The food is pretty good though.

In Cheltenham - unfortunately Le Champignon Sauvage was booked (for 6 weeks in advance!) so we ended up eating at the bistro in the Hotel du Vin - which was really, really lovely, along with the hotel itself which is so fabulously horse and hound chic.

Daylesford Organic Farm in Gloucestershire: Basically, I want to live here. Makes me a total convert to "farm lifestyle" if I wasn't already. The food at the restaurant was absolutely superb - not surprising as I understand the menu itself was developed by Tom Aikens. We went on Sunday afternoon and they had a set menu for £19 which was a great value and lasted us the whole day."

I can't tell you how jealous I am of Elizaeth's experience. It sound like the most extravagant work trip ever. I can't wait to pop over to New York on the return leg! I'm particularly keen to go to Acorn House and Le Champignon Sauvage.

A big thank you to Elizabeth for sharing her experience.

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