Tuesday 4 December 2007

Banger Brothers, Portable Porkers

I felt a bit peckish as I strolled up Portobello Road after feasting my eyes on books in Books for Cooks, thinking about the beef shin back at home that was slow cooking in preparation for tonight's lasagne.

Banger Brothers is essentially the sausage version of Gourmet Burget Kitchen. They serve a range of 7 sausages:

Number 1: British Banger

Number 2: The Cumberland

Number 3: The Hot Dog

Number 4: Outstanding Spanish Chorizo

Number 5: The Polish Smoky One

Number 6: The Lamb Merguez

Number 7: The Meat Free Sausage

And more excitingly still, their chips are sensational! Especially when accompanied by a very naughty, thick, Belgian mayonaise that sneaks out of their pump station.

I opted for the Lamb Merguez, which was very tasty indeed. Slightly spicy, very meat and boosted by a cooling cucumber yoghurt sauce. Top class banger! But I feel like I missed out on the other 5 meaty sausages that I overlooked. Especially the Chorizo fella that smelt and looked incredible.

My only word of caution is, watch out for sauce dripping out of the bottom of your roll all over your crotch. I got some seriously dodgy looks all the way home!

I'm looking forward for my next excuse to viist Notting Hill so I can get stuck into the rest of their range. It's got a great personality and you really get a taste for how passionate they are about their pork!

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