Tuesday 4 December 2007

Books for Cooks, Notting Hill

I've been gagging to visit Books for Cooks for ages. I stumbled across a reference to London's premiere cooking book shop in Olive magazine around 6 months ago and have been looking for a window of opportunity to investigate...

It's just off Portobello Road, surrounded by cool cofee shops, market stalls, spice emporiums, lingerie shops and the Electric Cinema. You will seriously struggle not to find what you are looking for. I was gobsmacked by the range of cook books they had and could have bought pretty much half the shop! I held myself back and walked away with a list of books to buy on Amazon and a paperback copy of Anthony Bourdain's "Nasty Bits" for the tube ride home.

The books I'm keen to get my hands on are AA Gill's Table Talk, Herve This's Kitchen Mysteries and a book on game by Clarissa Dickinson Wright. The assistants couldn't have been more helpful. They were experts and sussed out what I'd be interested in within a minute. Whilst Amazon's "other customers liked" style recommendation is good, it's not a patch on the service you get in Books for Cooks.

But it's not just an amazing bookshop. It's also a cafe and cooking workshop. There was a queue through the store to the cafe at the back where they were serving delicious looking mushroom soup and pumpkin tarts.

I've looked through the list of workshops and am pretty keen on this one:

"Recipes from Moro with Sam and Samantha Clark

We are delighted to welcome back the chef-patrons of award-wining Moorish restaurant Moro! Do come and experience their passion for the food of Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean at first hand and take home a collection of their always exquisite and inspirational recipes."

I've just bought Moro East so it would be a perfect way to get the most out of it.

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