Wednesday 5 December 2007

Northcote Road Afternoon Tea

Having not been out of the house all day I decided a trip to the Northcotte Road was a good idea. Fed up of drinking tea in the Towers, I wondered into Brew to have a nice pot of speciality tea.

I asked for a pot of Assam and was disappointed that they hadn't even heard of it. Builders it was then. Which was fine if a little bit unexciting. I was keen to have something that we don't have at home.

I enjoyed my tea whilst reading my new Anthony Bourdain book, intermittently writing a Christmas list to make sure I've got all the bases covered this year. I felt like I was being watched the whole time... maybe it's paranoia... maybe it was the fact that the place wasn't very busy. It didn't make me want to linger and chill out like the best tea shops do. And they didn't offer me any cakes or flapjacks so I decided to leave and get some on the way home from the market.

I bought a red iced cup cake with snow flakes and a white chocolate and raspberry muffin. The muffin has now been dispatched and the cup cake is a peace offering for Cowie!

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