Thursday 13 December 2007

The Warsaw Diner, Nottingham

My first ever review back in September 2005 for Russell Davies', Eggs Bacon Chips and Beans. I just stumbled across it and thought it deserved a place here too.

"ebcb has gone OpenSource! Here's a contribution from Jonathan Brown. Anyone else want to do one? (Not sure I should have let him get away with the hash browns though.)

Just off the Derby Road in Nottingham, this is the unforgettable Warsaw Diner. Offering bizarre Polish food, incredible fry ups and fiery vodka this place is a little bit special.

The Warsaw Diner likes to be a bit different. Magnificent hash browns are served instead of chips.

Always good to see wallpaper scrapers being used where they belong… in the kitchen.

Text book condiments. Aunt Jemima looks absolutely radiant."

It was great fun doing this and an honour that Russell allowed me to write for his blog. You can buy his book here. Unfortunately my review arrived too late to get in the book!

I hope my reviews have improved since then!

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